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Chicago Hyde Park Village

5500 S Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Throughout the year, Chicago Hyde Park Village (CHPV) actively fosters a caring community supportive of vibrant, healthy aging. Nearly half of CHPV’s revenue depends on individual gifts like yours. Your support helps ensure that you and people you care about can age healthfully and happily in our supportive community.

With your help, CHPV can raise an additional $25,000!
Your donations today and through the end of the year are worth fifty percent more through a match by the Elizabeth Louise Smith Fund.
 Please give generously to help us meet this goal and grow our services, enriching the lives of older adults, families, and the community at large. With your gift, you’re making a difference!

How will you support CHPV?

Lucas Livingston. Photo by Paul Staniland.With many thanks, 

Lucas Livingston, Executive Director

P.S. 150% of your contribution goes directly to supporting our mission to foster an age-friendly community!
Click here to read my full appeal letter.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Chicago Hyde Park Village works to create an age friendly, inclusive and caring community which supports an enriched, healthy, socially connected experience of aging.
Our culture of neighbors helping neighbors, whether as a volunteer or a friend, helps our members thrive as both providers and recipients of our programs and services.

Download the Annual Report:Title slide with CHPV logo and text Annual Meeting, April 11, 2023