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Chicago Hyde Park Village

5500 S Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637




Villages are grassroots organizations promoting the concept of neighbors helping neighbors. The first Village, Beacon Hill, was started in the Boston area in 2001. There are now 350+ Villages throughout the United States. In 2010, the Village to Village Network was started to share information nationwide through online resources, forums and webinars and by hosting an annual conference. The Chicago Area Villages, which includes Arbor West NeighborsChicago Hyde Park VillageEdgewater VillageVillage Chicago, and Wise Up (Evanston), meet regularly to exchange ideas, share resources, and network locally.

Village to Village


The idea of starting a Village in Hyde Park came about when 35 people crammed into founder Susan Alitto’s living room in March 2010 for a community meeting and decided that “someone should do something.” The organization incorporated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit in 2011. After a few years of organizing and offering services on an informal basis, the Chicago Hyde Park Village officially opened in November of 2014 at an event where journalist and Hyde Park resident Ted Fishman discussed his book Shock of Gray.

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Memberships help support the mission of the Chicago Hyde Park Village. Learn more about joining and our fee structure.


Membership is open to anyone interested. Members can be as young as 50, however, many members are in their late 60s, 70s, 80s and a few in their 90s and beyond.

Why should I join if I am healthy?

Everyone has heard the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child,” but this principle applies equally to aging. The Chicago Hyde Park Village supports older adults so that they can live surrounded by a caring community and age-in-place in dignity. Our members join for a variety of reasons including access to social events, exercise programs, educational opportunities, affinity groups, as well as assistance with day-to-day activities. The Chicago Hyde Park Village is also a convenient source of referrals on issues related to aging. The opportunity to connect with others, to volunteer, and to be in the “know” about what is going on in our neighborhood are other motivations to join. And, some members join because they need help at home now, and others want the peace of mind knowing they will be prepared for the future.


What type of services are available through the Chicago Hyde Park Village?

The Chicago Hyde Park Village provides a variety of services ranging from tech support and gardening to shopping assistance and transportation. Some services such as medical advocacy and rides to medical appointments, which are very time-intensive, are limited to full members. Other services such as companionship are available to anyone interested.  Click here to see a detailed list of services and eligibility. 

How do I request a service?

If you would like to request a service, contact the Chicago Hyde Park Village office at 773-441-8457, send an email to, or click here

With whom does the Chicago Hyde Park Village partner?

The Chicago Hyde Park Village partners with many organizations in our community to enhance our capability to deliver quality services to our members. Several of our partners provide a source of funding, knowledge or volunteers while others work directly with us to develop programs that benefit their constituencies as well as our own. Click here to see a list of our affiliations.

Can I buy my parents, other family members or friends a membership? 

A Chicago Hyde Park Village membership is a wonderful gift. We suggest that the prospective member speak with our Village staff or a volunteer to determine if the membership is a good fit.

Can I volunteer at the Chicago Hyde Park Village?

Staying social through volunteering is a wonderful way to keep active and healthy when aging. Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, many of whom are members themselves, countless hours each year are devoted to helping older adults in our community reach their goals.  Those goals can range from the desire to have a walk once a week or to get a ride to an important doctor’s appointment. Click here to find out how to become a volunteer.

Can the Village help in the case of an emergency?

In a medical emergency, call 911 or your primary care physician first. 311 is the number to request non-emergency services in the City of Chicago. The Village office staff can provide referrals for home health agencies, caregivers and patient advocates.  

What if I need something that you haven't mentioned?

We will work with you to find an answer to your question or need.  From years of experience and connections to local and national experts, we have access to a variety of resources and many seasoned and committed volunteers. We are also skilled at finding new resources when a new need arises.

If you need us, call the Village office at 773-363-1933 or send an email to