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Below are listed the departed members of the Village, along with links indicating the full lives that they enjoyed.   Listings are in order of the date of passing, from the most recent to the earliest. 

You can honor one or more of the departed in at least two ways:

  • Suggest materials or links that might be added to this page that further enrich our understanding and appreciation for the departed.
  • Make a contribution to the Village in their honor, perhaps to support a program of particular interest to them. 

Charles "Chuck" Staples

b: Oct 6. 1926, Providence, R.I..

d: Aug 16, 2022, Chicago.

First Unitarian Church obituary and other remembrances.


Alfred Klinger

b: May 26, 1926.
d: Dec 25, Seattle.

Gary Worcester's remembrance upon Al's move to Seattle, Hyde Park Historical SocietyBulletin, 2019.
Sam Guard's remembrance, Dec 28,2020. 
2016- Al's 90th Birthday Party, South Side Weekly
2017- March to Springfield, as reported by WGN-Radio, WCIS-TVState Journal Register.


Peter Vandervoort

b: April 25, 1920, Detroit.
d: Dec 11, 2020, Chicago.

Obituary, Hyde Park Herald (Dec 29, 2020).
Obituary, UChicago News.
Univ. of Chicago Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics, vitae.

Eugene "Gene" Krell

b: June 29, 1926, Fairbury, IL.
d: Dec 6, 2020, Chicago.

Transcribed obituaryHyde Park Herald (Dec 14. 2020).

Cindy Pardo

b: March 17, 1946, Grand Rapids, MI.
d: October 25, 2020, Hyde Park.

Obituary, Hyde Park Herald (Nov 2, 2020).

Vreni Naess

b: April 7, 1933, Muri, Switzerland.
d: Sept 26, 2020, Chicago.

Obituary, Chicago Tribune (Oct 4, 2020), by
Obituary,  Hyde Park Herald (Oct 5, 2020).
"The Life of Lisa Fittko", as told by Vreni Naess for the Crossroads Fund.  
Remembering Vrani Naess, Facebook.

Irene Marie Koenen

b: Jan 26, 1936, Kaunas, Lithuania.
Sept 16, 2020, Chicago.

er 16, 2020

Obituary,  Cremation Society of Illinois. 

Sammy Dortch

b: Nov 30, 1943, Bolton, MS.
d: July 18, 2020, Chicago.

In Memoriam, Dr. Sammie Dortch, Ed.D., August 3, 2020 event at Community Renewal Society. 

Joan Rose Turk

b:  Sept 8, 1944, Milwaukee.
d:  April 16, 2020, Chicago.

Obituary, Chicago Tribune (4/26/20), by

Barbara O'Connor

b: April 7, 1933, Chatham.
d: Jan 12, 2020, Hyde Park.

Obituary, Chicago Sun-Times (Jan 29, 2020).
Obituary, Hyde Park Herald (Jan 15, 2020).
House Resolution 667,  Illinois General Assembly.

Alison Cate Hartman

b: Nov 13, 1931, Hyde Park.
d: Nov 13, 2019, Hyde Park.

Obituary,  Chicago Tribune (Dec 2-3, 2019), by
Obituary, Hyde Park Herald (Nov 26, 2019).

 "Chicago's Golden Girl"Crain's Chicago Business, Nov 4, 2006,

Dorothy "Dot" Clark Baker

b: March 17, 1942, Baxley, GA.
d: Sept 18, 2019, Hyde Park.

Obituary, Chicago Tribune, by

Rae "Betsie" Levangie Zerlin

b: Mar 23, 1934.
d: Aug 15, 2019, Chicago. 

ObituaryChicago Tribune (Aug 18, 2019), by

Robert "Rob" Pedro Borja

b:  May 21, 1923, Chicago.
d:  June 22, 2019, Chicago. 

Memorial Service and Obituary from (PDF version).

Clemens C. J. Roothaan

b: Aug 29, 1918, Nijmegan, Netherlands.
d: June 17, 2019, Chicago.

ObituaryUChicago News.
ObituaryChicago Sun-Times.
Wikipedia listing.
Obituary, Society of Catholic Scientists.
Roothaan House story, Crains.

Judith "Judy" Roothaan

b: Oct 13, 1924, Brooklyn, NY.
d: Oct 26, 2016, Chicago, IL.

Newsletter Autumn 2009, Hyde Park Historical Society.

John R. Bolt

b: May 28,1940, Grand Rapids, MI.
d: March 28, 2019, Chicago.

Obituary in CHPV Newsletter, Aug 2019.

Craig Krell

b: Jan 1, 1958, Chicago.
d: Feb 25, 2019, Chicago.

Krell, Craig bio(PDF) from memorial program.

Ida Jean Ratliff Eckenfels

b: June 7, 1933, Atlanta.
d: Feb 21, 2018, Hyde Park.

Obituary in Good Neighbors, 2/22/2018.

Miguel Civil

b: May 7, 1926, Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain.
d: Jan 13, 2019, Hyde Park.

Obituary in Washington Post.
Obituary in Chicago Tribune.
Obituary in UChicago News.
Wikipedia listing.

Marie "Mimi" Asbury

b: xxxx, Greenwich, CT.
d: Dec 4, 2018, Hyde Park.

Obituary in GoogleGroup Good Neighbors, 12/22/18.

Luise "Lisa" Riedemann

d. Feb 3, 2018, xxx


Pamela Vickers Haley

b: 1934, Newton, KS.
d:  July 21, 2015, Chicago. 

Obituary in Chicago Tribune (Sept 16-20, 2015) from
Obituary in Hyde Park Herald (jpg).

Mary Rose Shaughnessy

b: April 28, 1931, Kansas City, MO.
d: Jan 22, 2018, Hyde Park.

Obituary in Chicago Tribune (Feb 8, 2018) from
Listing in
Author: "Literary Landscapes--A Tour of the British Isles, Ireland, Scotland, England" at
University of Chicago: Mary Rose Shaughnessy Junior Faculty Research Fund in the Humanities Division.
Listing in Prabook.

Marvin Gittler

b: Oct 7, 1938, Bronx, NY.
d: Sept 8, 2016, Union Pier. MI.

Obituary in Chicago Tribune, Sept 8, 2016.
Obituary at Asher, Gittler & d'Alba.

David Tod Roy

b: 1933.
d: May 31, 2016.

Wikipedia entry.

W. Thomas "Tom" Huyck

b:  April 10, 1938, Des Moines, IA.
d:  July 10, 2015, Hyde Park.

Obituary in Chicago Tribune (July 17, 2015) by
Obituary at Unity Funeral Parlors

Kenneth R. Schug

b: Aug 27, 1924, Easton, PA.
d: May 29, 2013, Chicago.


Obituary at Cremation Society of Illinois.

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